Occupying a curious pocket space of the main pedestrian area of the city, nestled between historical houses from the 1900-s and a Socialist-era high residential block of flats, this 4-level mixed-program urban retreat is a nod to the historical principle of harmonious facade building and the modernist principles of flowing space planning.

On all levels, the proposed project entertains a certain historicity matching the character of the location. On the one hand, it works with the principles of openness and continuity of both space and detail characteristic of the Modernist mindset. On the other hand, linguistically, the detailing is of a Post-Modern quality and relies on the interpretation of decorative elements from historical architecture – such as column orders, friezes, and finer stone detailing. The whole image of the building tucked between the elements of a versatile and somewhat theatrical urban scenery is a nod to human scale, already given in the context.


Antonina Ilieva, Rositsa Hristova


Dobrich, Bulgaria

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