PONY ARCHITECTS / ПОНИ АРХИТЕКТИ is an architecture and design studio founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2019.
The short name of the studio is a humourous abbreviation of its longer title that the members of the studio have agreed upon in search of a slogan phrase that reflects the ideals and goals of our work - - Proponents of New Yardscapes. The urge to have two names for the studio - short and long, humorous and serious - reflects our understanding of the life-affirming potential of architecture and design.

The long title covers the challenges that the studio team would like to address - Proponents: being proactive in communication at the various stages of the design and construction process + adherence to the values of good architecture; New: critical thinking + search for a fresh and specific outlook at each specific situation; Yardscapes: a holistic understanding of architecture and design, not as a collection of individual projects, but as a landscape, a system, of interconnected habitable spaces + the understanding that the smallest architectural unit creating an environment for human life should not be the interior space-capsule of the dwelling or the house, but at the very least the yard, or a unit of environment corresponding to it around any architectural space addressed - a unit that recognizes the inherent unity of inside and ouside, home and street, architectural and natural environment.



Georgi Vlahov - architecture
Zlatan Ushev - architecture
Oleg Vladimirov - 3D visualizations
Nadezhda Sucheva - interior design
Georgi Sharov - graphic design
Hristina Hristova - architecture
Teodosi Stavrev - architecture intern 2020
Evgenia Koeva - design intern 2020