Interior I-RP

I-RP is a standardized interior project for four semi-detached houses, which aims to preserve the character of the open spaces and their natural light. At the same time, the main aspect is the creation of micro-zones in the common spaces through the varied use of materials and details and by emphasizing the borders between them.

Two different approaches have been applied to the day and night zones respectively: a nuanced one – in order to achieve calm aesthetics in the living and master suite area of each house, and a contrast-based one for the rest of the spaces, like halls, staircases, children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. Luminous colors and super-scaled material blocks create a fresh atmosphere for the residents and guests to enjoy.

The natural oak parquet in all bedrooms creates softness and coziness to the rooms. It is complemented by details in natural veneer in the form of cabinet furniture, wall panels, and in the attic space – entire walls and ceiling finishes in oak.
Special attention has been paid to letting natural light into dark areas by using frosted glass doors strategically.
Project lead:

Antonina Ilieva


Yana Zannato, Georgi Vlahov


Sofia, Bulgaria

Project year:


Year completed: