The project optimizes existing visual connections between home and neighbourhood and dissolves the rigid boundaries between existing spaces in the home.

The functional zones that arose in place of the previous fixed elements in the home are meaningfully and visually neutral or “gray zones” in the widest spectrum of gray – all the way from white to anthracite, which the inhabitants of the home inhabit or transform according to their needs and desires. The white zones capture and maximize the day light, but also harbour all pragmatic elements of technical infrastructur, thus dissolving their visual presence. The materiality of the few fixed areas in the main living space volume is defined by the natural oak finish, while the entrance and study areas, sitting furthest from the main window openings, are anthracite and play with the perception of depth of space as they withdraw into their respective ‘cave’ niches.

Project lead:

Antonina Ilieva


Nadezda Misheva, Teodosi Stavrev


Sofia, Bulgaria

Project year:


Year completed: