At the heart of the project lies the desire to harmoniously integrate into the modern house, both the existing volume of a small brick building and the new functional divisions clearly defined in terms of visual identity, such as the garage with visible concrete facades, the fully glazed entrance area and the two-part attic for the private area envisioned with light wooden structure and metal cladding. The three-part volume of the building pays tribute to the image of residential typologies naturally established in the area and characteristic of living in a courtyard with a variety of farming and decorative green areas. The overall zoning of the house’s mixed construction within the separate volumes and levels, as well as within the materials in the interior, is equal parts pragmatic and with a thought to interpret historical construction techniques. The building’s siting on an exposed concrete veranda, located in the highest central area of the property’s plateau, provides separation from the main road and at the same time provides a wide view of the surrounding mountain ranges.


PONY architects


near Mezdra, Bulgaria

Project year: