The project for L-AD HOUSE interprets the living space for a family with two children in the volume of a twin house in the village of Lozen, Sofia region.
The image of the house is strongly tied to the characteristic environment of the village of Lozen, where, despite the increased urbanization, the view is dominated by the slopes of the mountain, constantly changing colour and overall atmosphere with the seasons.

The structure of the courtyard and the building is an immediate but reinterpreted response to the topographical and cultural givens of the environment. Within the building, the form of the traditional house has been re-thought diagrammatically and reduced to its purest form, which is also reflected in the interior spaces of all bedrooms on the upper level, in the two children’s rooms – and as an additional half level. The facade openings are strategically placed to ensure maximum illumination of the interior spaces, and their rhythm and proportions create an imprint of a small part of the home’s inner life on the facade.

An understated color scheme was used to resonate with the different seasons equally well. The tile-colored combed stucco both grounds the first floor and offers a textured look where it could enhance the visual quality of the yard dwelling, while a more generalized and discrete look was sought for the upper floor where the more private night zone of the house is located.

Project lead:

Rositsa Hristova, Antonina Ilieva, Gergana Georgieva


Lozen, Bulgaria

Project year: