The project concentrates on the extension of the popular bar KANAAL in Sofia. The intention of the design is to visually connect the bar to the theater across the street. Consequently, the idea of the black colour of the facades comes naturally at this corner and the bar becomes recognizable.
The extension consists of enlarging the space to occupy the whole ground floor of the building, opening a facade facing the canal, expanding the window openings to the street, converting the interior and adding the second floor to the bar.
The existing structural elements are preserved in the interior project as they set the industrial aesthetics of the design along with the microcement flooring, the bare brick walls, the neon lights, bright colours and the new metal elements.
The project aims to delicately combine the existing building, interior and structures with the new industrial project and renewed facades.


PONY architects + URBANVIVA / arch Milena Fetvdajieva


Sofia, Bulgaria

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