Apartment KB-DC

The KB-T project is based on classical architecture with its decorative elements. The portal, the vault and the arch are the leading concepts interpreted in the three-room living space in the center of Sofia. The entrance hall is a successor of the vestibule, typical of dwellings of that period, and is addresses in an unusual way as its museum character reinforces the idea of a representative entrance. The ceiling is a veneered vault, highlighted with architectural lighting, and the wall wardrobe has mirrored doors to provide double visual double depth of space and to disappear discretely. The decorative opposite wall takes its inspiration from Portuguese architecture – richly decorated with a mosaic of colored glazed ceramics. The unconventional treatment of the entrance space as a central part of the housing unit, rather than just a passage area, is also emphasized by the inverted scheme in the rest of the rooms. Characteristic of the living room, bedrooms and bathrooms are the simple white walls, and contrary to the modern-day interpretation, the decorativeness is fleshed out in the rich ornamentation of the ceilings and floors. The original portal in the living room has been preserved, and the plaster cornices and rosettes further mark the classic spirit of the spaces. The movable and cabinet furniture have clean, simple lines and fit comfortably into the created historical eclecticism.
Project lead:

Antonina Ilieva


Gergana Georgieva


Sofia, Bulgaria

Project year:


Year completed: