Several principles are respected and led integrally throughout the interior project in Bright Park Residence. The plan has not been changed significantly from the original one, and the existing relatively big depth of the apartment suggests the integration of additional illumination and visual connections between the rooms. As a result, more light and spaciousness are implemented in the heart of the apartment. For example, the link between the entrance and the living room is accomplished by a pivot glass door, which blurs the room limits. Therefore, coming from the entrance one can see the view of the Vitosha mountain, as the apartment has large window openings.

One more transition has been made – a new door between the living room and the workroom, which  enlarges the dimensions of the space by a sliding door.

The chosen colour palette for the whole project consists of pastel nuances with wooden details on the furniture and corresponding finishes in the flooring. The space everywhere is bright and feels light when entering it. As a result come the curved forms of some of the furniture, which facilitate the movement near them, and make the space not clearly defined.

Project lead:

Hristina Hristova, Antonina Ilieva


Sofia, Bulgaria

Project year:


Year completed: